A business which does not support a social cause is a bunny without a hop. Lifeless and mocking!!

We at Haldivita nag ourselves constantly not to forget this. Ventures are an excellent reminder that we are all about others and we have to serve without obligation. Business is all about restoring, harmonizing balancing and energizing our soul and spirit. Haldivita has been a passionate journey seeking spiritual maturity at every step and every moment. We passionately believe that lives matter, lives inspire and lives awaken us.

Every sale of Haldivita product inspires and supports a farmer in Uttarakhand and touches their life with warmth. Trust me; life is difficult for the farmers in Uttarakhand. We know because we have walked their way to touch their lives. It is depressing to check their struggle, and see them withering every day. Our venture is a small step to provide them with a better life.

 “The benefit of pilgrimage and meditation to holy places is not because of their rich history, but for the fact that divine blessing can be experienced when visiting them. Their very soil is impregnated with a higher consciousness”. –Swami Kriyananda

Universal life energy flowing in the hills of Himalayas is captured brilliantly by these simple folks in whatever they grow and the healing impact of the agricultural produce is inspirational. The Himalayas have always been considered as mountains ensouled in divinity, where Rishis are constantly immersed in meditation. This is evident in Flora and Fauna of this sacred land. Higher plants have played key roles in the lives of people living in the Himalaya for both food and medicine. Numerous wild and cultivated plants have been utilized as curative agents since ancient times, and medicinal plants have gained importance as herbal medicines. All natural Himalayan turmeric power is organically grown in Uttarakhand. This turmeric is very famous for its medicinal quality with very good Curcumin content. 100 families have been inspired to grow turmeric for us which forms the main component of our products. 

Patronage of our 10,000 + customers, 8 dealers and 800 retail outlets is important to support the ecology of the region and spread a smile in heartland of this mountainous stretch. No venture or passion can be alive without a cause and a commitment. 

Haldivita initiative to EMPOWER farmers at Haldukhal (Uttarakhand) – Apna Khet Apni Aamdani

WE ARE BLESSED, the passion of HALDIVITA team has lead us to social connectedness with the Farmers. A strong emotion of belonging has brought us close to the tribe of food growers.

HALDIVITA stepped out of the dark comfort zone and exerted and became a bearer of this light. In difficult times, we did not quit believing, we did not quit growing.

If you are happy cursing the darkness, then do not light a candle.

Close to Lansdowne, a town and a hill station situated on the Kotdwar – Pauri road at a height of 1,780 m in Uttarakhand, India, there a is a small place Haldukhal. With the support of the local MLA Mahant Dileep Singh Rawat ji we have started an initiative to assist the farmers in their crop production. This is similar to the project we started in Chamoli two years back. Our small initiative has revolutionized the lives of 80+ farmers there.

On 30th November 2020, in a very well attended event, nearly 100+ farmers collected to seek the support to grow High quality Pahadi turmeric. Haldivita has commenced a village-based small scale grassroots level organization working for development of Rural farming communities. We have called upon all those benevolent minds that can accord in all possible manners with their expertise and resources for the mission of ours.

Haldivita is stepping in the gap to #EmpowerFarmers with required inputs, providing farmers with right seeds and ensuring best agronomy practices. We at Haldivita strongly believe that Farmers are on the front lines of ClimateChange and #EcologicalChange  and empowering them would make a tremendous difference.We do understand that farmers need to be coached extensively in modern techniques like mulching, drip irrigation, water optimization, crop-to-land matching, and making available GM seeds which can raise outputs dramatically. Farmers also need knowledge, information, and market access for more profitable crops like spices, herbs, vegetables & fruits and such. Improving the lot of farmers can have a huge multiplier effect. Their farmlands have reduced to just a little over a hectare per household. The soil is depleted of its nutrients by overusing chemicals, and also wrong products. The farmer seeks the less expensive versions of agrochemical substances, which are also of low quality. The issues are numerous. Farmers know even little that they are over tilling the land, destroying its cover, and hurting its natural ecosystem. When shorn of its cover, the eroded land expels into the atmosphere carbon and other green house gases that it had contained within it for centuries, causing climate change.  

We wish to work aggressively to make a lasting impact towards the betterment of the rural farming – Ankit Khanduri

Are you ailing because of Medication – Hard facts !!

This is to CAUTION you and not to scare you. You too may be a victim of it. 

Have you ever checked the data related to diseases related to medication that is Iatrogenic diseases?

  • Medication (Iatrogenesis) is the fifth leading cause of death in the world. 
  • Over 100,000 people are killed and over 2 million people maimed and disabled every year…year after year from modern medicine…do you believe this?? . 
  • There are about 5%–8% of deaths due to this worldwide. In many countries, it is a leading cause of death. 
  • About 1.4 million patients are affected by the infections at any given time due to the healthcare system. 
  • In the developed countries, the toll is 5%–10% of patients 
  • While in developing countries “as many as a quarter of all patients may be affected by a healthcare-associated infection.”


You may read the following articles from the most respected medical journals and institutions (Journal of the American Medical Association, Harvard University, Centers for Disease Control, British medical journal The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine and national news (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, US World Report) and you be the judge. 

Iatrogenesis is defined by the side effects and risks of medical interventions, such as negative effects on the body’s immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. 

More effective medical treatments have side effects that can be more frequent and harmful. There is no medical method to quantify and reduce iatrogenic side effects, and there is little research to quantify and reduce them, let alone prevent them. 

Time to stop and rethink… we have been hearing that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” 

Do we practise it? 

Are we not slowly poisoning ourselves ?

Can we reduce the instances of taking medication and visits to hospital? 

Time to a step back and rethink!!!!

Drug interactions and Iatrogenic

Taking multiple drugs concurrently and having multiple chronic diseases markedly increase risk of Iatrogenesis.

Side – effects of drugs, misuse of drugs, harmful drug combinations, medical negligence, medical error or misjudgement, contravention of contra – indications and nosocomial disease (one acquired in hospital) can all constitute iatrogenic disease.

Risk factors of iatrogenic disease in the elderly are drug – induced iatrogenic disease, multiple chronic diseases, multiple physicians, hospitalization, and medical or surgical procedures.

Also, certain drugs have an especially high risk of adverse effects in the elderly, due to changes in body composition and drug metabolism.

What is the golden way to avoid this?

  • Let your food style be Natural 
  • Avoid preservatives and packaged food
  • Adopt Yoga and Ayurveda

Stop the dominance of pharma giants, the only way to avoid is to be wise and look up to our traditional Ayurvedic medicine system create a balance between Allopathy and Ayurveda. Visit a doctor who believes in minimal medication. 

Here a few steps we can follow and stay safe:

  1. Yoga, a healthy diet, rest, and relaxation are important components of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is the most perfect health and wellness module as it is comprehensive and holistic in nature. Good eating habits and Yogic principles help to strengthen and develop positive health enabling us to withstand stress and lead a better medicine-free life. A holistic lifestyle activates your inner lymphatic system, cleanse your body, and prepares you to cope with infections and viruses.
  2. Consider Naturopathy 
  3. Consume natural herbs like Turmeric to boost immunity- to develop a strong immune system many natural herbs and spices have been recommended under Ayurveda and this has been reiterated by the Ministry of Ayush ( One such spice is turmeric and curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric supplements, having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic activity play a dynamic role, (backed by numerous reports across the globe). This has to be consumed in a scientific way to increase bio-absorption and make it effective. The world is taking note of this Golden Milk. 
  4. Stop self-medication and go for regular check-ups- We are lazy when it comes to listening to our body’s voice.  We often engage in self-medication and never do a routine check-up. A lot of diseases can be cured easily if they are identified at an early stage without any need for harmful medicines.  

Immunity Boosting Measures- notified by AYUSH Government of India

One doesn’t realize what a powerful Ayurveda product HALDIVITA is. This is a product that is a very powerful immunity booster age that helps fight various viruses and infections. It is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory that will help you to fight infection.

Several research studies have validated the role of the whole turmeric as a powerful immunity booster and the same is validated by the AYUSH ministry of India as well. 

During these testing times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Ayush ministry have issued an advisory on immunity-boosting measures and self-care during the recent crisis.  

This notification issued by the Government of India also talks of Haldi milk or Golden milk which is an ancient remedy against infections. At Haldivita, we are working towards building awareness about the importance of Turmeric/Haldi and its impact on boosting immunity. 

Read Full Advisory Here ( Credit- Ayush, Government of India)

These Indian Superfoods Can Boost Your Immunity

The air we breathe, the stuff we eat and the things we touch invariably invite germs, bacteria, and viruses into our bodies. There is only so much hand sanitizer can do, and if your health deteriorates, the immune-boosting herbs or food will be right in the kitchen. 

Most of the immunity – stimulating properties of these superfoods comes from the fact that the substance contains a high proportion of antioxidants and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

In this blog, we will discuss Indian superfoods than can boost your immunity.

Turmeric- The magic Indian herb

It is one of the most popular Indian herbs which are widely used to boost immunity.

It is said to prevent flu and even heart disease, improve digestion and relieve sore throats. The spice brought many explorers from India to the United States, where it is popular as a food, drink or shot, as well as an ingredient in many medicines.

HaldiVita is an instant ready to use dietary health mix made with rare Himalayan Suvarna turmeric with more than 8% of curcumin. You buy it here

Also read our blog 7 benefits of turmeric!


Piperine, a component of this spice, is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are believed to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. Although black pepper is now used more as a side dish than as a health enhancer, it is much more than just a staple in the kitchen.  Also, pepper is known as a viable agent who facilitates the bio-absorption of curcumin in the body and amplifies its therapeutic properties.  


In Ayurveda, Tulsi is interspersed with the best antibiotics in nature, and it is also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to strengthening immunity, Tulsi is also said to improve digestion and help with respiratory diseases. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties are said to relieve fever, headache, sore throat and cough.

This is a practical thing; you can easily grow it at home and use it when you need it. You can eat the leaf raw or even add it to a cup of green tea; it can even be eaten raw and used as a food supplement as well as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.


It is a rich source of vitamin C and is known to boost immunity by increasing the number of white blood cells and preventing viral infections such as flu. It also relieves coughing, improves digestion, balances the acidity in the stomach and helps absorb calcium and iron from other foods.  Amla is the best way to get it and can be taken raw or as a supplement to get the most out of its nutrients.

Jamun or Black Plum

It is a common fruit that can be easily found in the local market. They have a dark purple to almost black skin with a starkly contrasting pink or white flesh. The flesh is extremely juicy and has a flavor that combines sweet and tart with a slightly astringent aftertaste.

Jamun is known to boost immunity and keep you healthy if consumed regularly.  This fruit has a lot of other health benefits, but its unusual taste does not make it suitable for everyone. It also regulates blood sugar levels, helps with indigestion, purifies the blood, controls blood pressure and regulates cholesterol levels.


The antibacterial and antifungal properties of cinnamon make it a powerful booster of the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is said to help reduce the risk of infection and disease. Cinnamon is a highly valued spice and rich in antioxidants, so it can be a powerful antidiabetic and help lower blood sugar levels.

It easy to consume cinnamon- mix it with your food as a spice or mix it with your green tea to get its benefits.


Neem is a commonly grown tree in India and its parts- leaf, bark, branches and other parts are widely for treating various health conditions. In Ayurveda, it is used as a potent immunity booster due to its medicinal properties.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Neem purify the blood of harmful toxins and keep infections at bay.

Neem boosts the immune system and is also known to cool the body down, so crush a few neem leaves in a glass of water and you yourself have a good way to have them all.

Whole Turmeric or Curcumin Extract – Which Is Better?

The discussion of whole turmeric or curcumin extract is a classic case of modernization and to an extent a marketing gimmick to lure customer’s toward buying an expensive product “extracted curcumin”.   

Turmeric, a popular herb has been used in an Indian household and Ayurveda for centuries.

And then came the era of industrialization and flashy marketing- the focus turned entirely to curcumin.

Do we really need to consume only extracted curcumin or the traditional method of consuming turmeric with other ingredients is better?

Through this blog, we will try to explain both the cases.

What is the difference between whole turmeric and curcumin?

The terms curcumin and turmeric can be heard alternately. Especially when looking at the ingredients in your diet, there are some important differences between them that you have to bear in mind. When most people talk about “turmeric,” they mean the spice that is crushed from its root.

So lets under the basic difference first.

Turmeric a popular India ingredient is derived from a ginger – related plant and has beneficial antioxidant properties. It is a widely used ingredient used in Indian homes as well in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Curcumin is the bioactive compound present in Turmeric which is extracted by a scientific method known as chromatography. Now most studies have focused only on curcumin rather than Turmeric to demonstrate the beneficial effects of both.  

Extensive research by modern science has shown that curcumin extract and turmeric have powerful health effects.

From what we have seen and heard, it is suggested that eating it as a condiment with your diet will produce a higher concentration of curcumin, well – digested, and healthy curcumin.

Now it is very important to understand curcumin, how curcumin or turmeric is absorbed in our body. This will help guide us in the right direction.  

The debate of the turmeric or curcumin extract- which is better?

As we know that most of the studies have used curcumin rather than Turmeric to demonstrate the beneficial effects of both.

Curcumin extraction is a complicated process – curcumin actually makes up only 3 % of the weight of turmeric. This means you can get 100 % curcumin from turmeric as a supplement, in comparison a turmeric extract can contain up to 95 % curcumin and the root powder around 3 %.  So the overall extraction process actually reduces the potency of curcumin.

Now, when researchers compared the entire turmeric root to extra of curcumin, the whole root turned out to be more effective and at the same time cheaper.  

Also, a closer look revealed that there are other compounds in the root of turmeric that contribute to the better absorption of curcumins into the body. Especially, black pepper is synergistic: It helps absorb many herbs, including Turmeric, and it adds curcumin to make it more bioavailable in your body, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis. 

For best results, experts recommend choosing a brand of turmeric that has a high concentration of it and also contains piperine (HaldiVita- a dietary mix based on the same concept). Nutritionist Stacy Tucker notes that there are other ingredients in turmeric that can boost antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Add black pepper if you’re just cooking with turmeric, and end your dinner with piperine!  Many of the experts we spoke with said curcumin itself is only as good as the amount it takes in.

Turmeric powders and supplements offer a whole – foods approach, retaining more of the root’s nutrients as nature intended while curcumin supplements provide an isolated form of the most active antioxidant compound found in turmeric. Based on the discussion we can conclude that when its comes to overall benefits, whole turmeric is better and more effective than curcumin extract. 

HaldiVita dietary mix is based on the scientific principle of Ayurveda which focuses on using the whole of herbs and mix it with other ingredients to make it more bioavailable to the body. The approach offers a natural method of consuming bioactive compounds and improves internal health. 

Turmeric- the magic herb against viral infections

Turmeric benefits health in several ways and it is considered a magical herb in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  It has been used for centuries in traditional homes not only for cooking but also as a potent cure against viral infections. 

You must have also heard of very popular “GOLDEN MILK” which is a unique mixture of natural turmeric and other herbs like ginger, pepper and more. It has proven health benefits such as improving immunity, curing a common cold & flu and overall health. Read our other blog here-  7 amazing health benefits of turmeric 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the anti-viral properties of turmeric?

The recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus (Covid-19) has killed thousands of people and impacted global economies.  Although, there is no proper cure or immediate vaccination available to stop the outbreak, there are preventive measures that can boost your immunity and strengthen your body’s defense mechanism to fight against such viral infections. Turmeric is one such herb which is widely used for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. 

Health benefits of Turmeric for viral infection

With its incredible list of healing properties- anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant and antioxidant properties turmeric is no doubt a “Magical Herb”.  As a cherished cousin of ginger, turmeric is a root that is widely used in day to day cooking as well in Ayurvedic medicines.  

Turmeric is known to boost your immune response and help you better fight common viral diseases such as flu and colds. The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can play an important role in delaying many brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and age-related reductions in blood pressure and heart rate.

It is no wonder that people have been using turmeric for thousands of years to treat various diseases. While the main active ingredient ‘curcumin’ has an anti-inflammatory effect, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system and the body’s ability to ward off disease.

What research studies say about turmeric benefits to health with focus on its anti-viral properties?

There are many things to enjoy and appreciate about the plant-based on turmeric. Let’s start with the fact that it can spice up a good meal beautifully and also offer health benefits that will practically make it into your medicine cabinet. Its remedies include suppressing viruses that attack the body, from flu to hepatitis and herpes simplex.

Global research studies have found interesting benefits of Turmeric.

So how does turmeric benefits to health by acting against viral infections?

A study published in the 2003 edition of the Italian Journal of Biochemistry found that curcumin activates a gene that encodes an antioxidant protein that can protect against damage from viral infections. It also activates the hemoxygenase-1 gene, which produces bilirubin, a powerful antioxidant, in both the hippocampus and the brain.

Researchers suggest that it is these traits that could make it helpful for people with viral disease. New research suggests that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, also has a positive effect on the body’s immune system and brain.

Also, a study published in the journal Virology in 2008 investigated the possibility that curcumin suppresses gene expression during infection with the herpes virus. It was found to affect the immediate-early (IE) gene promoter mediated by the viral transactivator protein VP-16. In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study listing curcumin, as a useful natural antiviral.

A combination of Ginger and turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that could help relieve pain and protect against disease. A study of 120 people found that taking 1-2 grams of turmeric extract per day for three months effectively reduced inflammation and the production of inflammatory cytokines, molecules that play a key role in the inflammatory process [32]. A review of other studies also found that supplementing with turmeric could reduce the number of inflammatory markers used to measure inflammation in the body

The studies are still going on to accurately predict the mechanism of its action and overall effectiveness, but it appears that turmeric can reduce pain associated with inflammation and directly inhibit oxidative stress in the body. The unique medicinal properties of curcumin have been demonstrated.

How do you incorporate turmeric into your diet? 

Well, it’s super easy.

Mix a spoonful of turmeric with a glass of warm water, lemon, little pepper, honey, and ginger and drink it empty stomach in the morning.

Even better you can try HaldiVita, which is a proprietary diet mix made with rare Himalayan Suvarna turmeric with more than 8% of curcumin. It is an instant mix that you can consume on the go with your favorite smoothie or curry. This mix has several ingredients that help in proper absorption of curcumin in the body to get maximum benefits of turmeric. 

This is how I lost 9 kg in 3 months by simply having curcumin dietary mix every day!

My name is Sanjay and this is my journey of a magical weight loss simply by adding turmeric-based dietary mix rich in curcumin (HaldiVita) to my regular diet followed by an active work-out routine.

I would like to share my learnings and experience based on my fruitful journey.

I am leaner, healthier, active and most importantly HAPPY:)

I know this sounds like a fairy tale but yes this is my own experience in the real world and even science validates the power of turmeric for weight loss.

Well, to get rid of fat, a person cannot rely on one food or supplement.  They also need to reduce total calorie intake and increase physical activity. However, if you’re part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, proper fat burners like bioavailable curcumin can speed up weight loss.

Now let’s dig a bit into the science behind fat loss or slimming and how it works?

The reason why our body burns muscles when we go on a slimming diet is that we have hormones that protect fat cells at the expense of muscles.

And if we just eat some carbohydrates or protein to quickly recharge our batteries or surprise ourselves to the next meal, fat cells will accelerate to protect the fat in them.

And the hormone that determines whether fat cells store or release fat that is to be burned by muscles is insulin.

When our body produces more insulin, it retains fat trapped in fat cells and eventually forces the body to burn amino acids that have been deprived of muscle protein.

Eating less is really important to lose weight, but when you start to nibble or snack to go all day long, your body responds to insulin.

The release of insulin, in turn, activates LPL, and LPL keeps fat trapped in adipose tissue.

People who are overweight can have 5, 10 or even 20 pounds (up to 10 kg) of white blood cells in adipose tissue.

Stopping excessive inflammation stops this process and it becomes possible to lose weight without a diet.

When people lose a lot of weight without taking diuretics and without hunger, it usually happens because they’ve finally found a way to stop inflammation.

Curcumin is one natural way to stop inflammation and lose belly fat. 

Curcumin from turmeric can prevent the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue.

Yes, all this is still true, and curcumin is also responsible for weight loss. Here’s another advantage of curcumin.

  •         Inflammation is directly related to obesity or excess fat in our bodies. Therefore, turmeric prevents inflammation in our body and does not allow fat to accumulate in our body, and thus helps in weight loss.
  •         Another way turmeric helps you lose weight is to regulate sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance
  •         People who are overweight or obese are prone to diabetes. Turmeric protects them against this disease
  •         Regular consumption of turmeric has been found to increase bile in the stomach
  •         Bile is a digestive juice that helps to emulsify fat, and thus its metabolism

Turmeric has these ingredients, so it can be a thermogenic substance. This means that the consumption of turmeric in the diet can promote weight loss through thermogenic effects. 

The increased metabolic rate in the body burns calories and stored energy, and thus promotes weight loss.

There are various dietary products, such as spices, such as turmeric, which help in weight loss related to diet. Turmeric’s carbohydrate fraction is not absorbed by the body, which helps to reduce fat and prevent weight gain. Other studies have also shown the effectiveness of curcumin (curcumin) in accelerating weight loss caused by diet changes.

How HaldiVita is the best curcumin based dietary mix?

HaldiVita is a scientific formulation based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.  India’s first 100% natural dietary mix is made with a rare form of aged Himalayan turmeric.  The formulation has more curcumin components and it’s highly effective in treating various health-related issues.

As per Ayurveda, simply having turmeric will not show any results. It is not readily bioavailable or in simple words, it’s active component will not be absorbed directly and it will require other ingredients like pepper, etc..

HaldiVita’s dietary mix does exactly the same. Its unique formulation will help the proper absorption of curcumin in the body to visualize its magical effect.

How to consume HaldiVita dietary mix?

HaldiVita is a super easy dietary mix formulated keeping in mind the busy lives.

  •         Take 1-2 scoop of HaldiVita  ( 2 times day)
  •         Mix it with 100 ml of lukewarm water or milk or almond milk
  •         Have it empty stomach in the morning with water and after work-outs

Start your HaldiVita journey now

Top 7 Amazing Scientific Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric or Haldi is considered an important herb that is deep-rooted in Indian tradition and Ayurveda. There are several types of research show that it has amazing health benefits for the body and overall health.

Curcumin is widely used for curing many conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, depression, gingivitis, hangovers, and even high cholesterol. In this blog post, we are going to explore the top 7 scientific health benefits of turmeric.


Turmeric is commonly used to fight inflammation. As per the past study, if you consume curcumin in the right dose, it can be a more effective anti-inflammatory method than normal medications like aspirin and ibuprofen. This herb may help treat conditions such as arthritis, pancreatitis, and inflammatory bowel disease.


There are many compounds in turmeric that can support your health. Curcumin is one of the most powerful compounds. According to research, 60 people have a depression problem. They were randomized into 3 groups.

The first group consumed Prozac, the second group consumed 1 gram curcumin and the third group used both curcumin and Prozac.

After 42 days, the 1st and 2nd groups had got similar improvements. However, the third group that used fared best.

So, curcumin acts as an antidepressant medicine.

Treat or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

It can keep low blood sugar levels so it considered a powerful treatment to treat or prevent type 2 diabetes.

According to Nutrition & Metabolism July 2019 study; there are obese mice with type 2 diabetes. Turmeric has given to mice and after 16 weeks, it was revealed that curcumin supplements helped lower sugar levels.

According to several past studies, curcumin help prevents and treat diabetes, as well as related disorders such as diabetic nephropathy. Research is still going on. Unfortunately, there is one drawback that several studies have been done on animals only, not people.

Curcumin prevents from Cancer

According to numerous studies, it has been found that Turmeric may help to prevent or treat cancer. Turmeric has also been found to affect cancer spread, development, and growth at the molecular level. In the laboratory, researches show that it can also decrease cancer cell growth as well as slow down the growth of the tumor in animals. 

(Video credit youtube @zero –

High Cholesterol

A few studies show that turmeric can help lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein) bad cholesterol. On the other hand, other studies found that the herb does not affect. Scientists continue to look into the heart-protective possibilities of turmeric. One small study found that turmeric can help ward off heart attacks in people who have had bypass surgery.

According to a study, consuming curcumin extract by mouth two times a day for 90 days reduces triglycerides in obese people with high cholesterol.

Rheumatoid arthritis 

Past studies reveal that turmeric may reduce some Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms such as joint swelling, walking time, stiffness, and pain. On the other hand, there are research shows that taking a curcumin product 2 times daily decreases Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms more than a common medication.

Natural Blood Thinner

This herb acts like a Natural Blood Thinner. Blood clots occur when blood cells shift to an injury spot to bung the injured area. It is a common physical function. Occasionally, many health issues arise that need blood-thinning to prevent blockages.

This product has shown feasible as an anticoagulant under somewhat conditions. It affects many stages of the coagulation process such as hemostasis as well as thrombosis.

Final Verdict on health benefits of turmeric

(Video credit youtube @brightside –

Turmeric is an herbal type of medicine that is used for treating skin cancer, liver ailments, RA, wound healing, conjunctivitis, urinary infections, chickenpox and many more. Curcumin has many evidence-based health benefits like heart disease prevention and Alzheimer’s. It is considered as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. If you are going to add curcumin and turmeric to the regimen, talk to your physician. It’s imperative to ensure that any health supplement you want to consume does not conflict with other medications.


HaldiVita – Great Taste and a Health Booster

“Fortune favors the brave” is a famous saying. It implies that people who confront obstacles with audacity can achieve considerable success in life. An individual who is petrified of venturing into the risky environment can do no great deed. Such is the story of both the co-founders who with different backgrounds ventured into unchartered territories. Sameer Gupta is a Chartered Accountant, has worked with various Indian and overseas companies at CXO positions, whereas Ankit Khanduri is a BE from a reputable Engineering college, who ventured into agri-products out of sheer passion. 

To fight the health issues being faced globally both these entrepreneurs decided to come together and find a solution to help people prevent chronic health problems such as Obesity, H/L Blood pressure, Arthritis, Diabetes, Dementia, Depression, Brain Health and Cancer, etc. thus the idea of starting a product HaldiVita came into existence. 

In the early days, the co-founders visited deep heaven of the Garhwal region in Uttrakhand, Chamoli. It is known that the villagers don’t have access to major hospitals nearby however; they do not consult a doctor either until it’s a severe condition. After thorough research, they found, most of their health issues are cured by native grown spice ‘Suvarna Haldi’. Later, with more research, they realized that this turmeric has a high percentage of Curcumin, a magical biological compound that gives turmeric its magical anti-inflammatory and irreplaceable antioxidant properties. They met with the founder of NGO (Agaas). This NGO was aggregating farmers in the Chamoli district and was supporting them to grow Suvarna Haldi, the magical spice. This turmeric has Curcumin up to 8.7% (backed by ICAR report).

Later, it came to their attention that curcumin is not bio-soluble. It has to be mixed with other ingredients to make it so. The co-founders researched Suvarna turmeric and also had a dialogue with some of the well known Ayurveda doctors to understand the benefits of turmeric. Both the co-founders were very excited with what they heard and saw and on their return to Delhi, they prepared their own formulation with the help of doctors and people who have knowledge of Ayurveda. They adopted this product in their daily meals and within a short period, they observed a positive impact.

Haldivita is a mixed base of eleven healthy ingredients including Suvarna turmeric (Haldi). It can be consumed with milk or can be added to other food items such as idli batter, upma, poha, rice or even in flour. Since this product is curated cautiously to boost the effect of Curcumin that makes it a significant health supplement for your body.

There are approximately 30 types of turmeric found on earth out of which Suvarna Haldi is one of a kind, found in the valleys of Himalaya, with up to 8.7% of Curcumin. A mature blend of ancestors’ theories and modern science, HaldiVita was born. The co-founders compared Haldivita to other Malt products available in the market. They found that most of the products available in the market contained a very high content of sugar and preservatives which was impacting people’s health in a very negative way. They were convinced that Haldivita has substantial health benefits and if consumed regularly it can help them to get a stronger metabolism and healthier immune system. The benefits of Curcumin are as follows:

  1. Overall Health Booster
  2. Fights Depression
  3. Helps in gut management
  4. Boost Brain Health
  5. Help Against Heart Diseases
  6. Delays Ageing & Fights Arthritis
  7. Help Prevent and Perhaps Even Treat Cancer etc.

Before introducing the product in the market they ensured that the taste is loved by all, whether it is for adults or kids. That’s why they introduced 3 flavors Elachi Pista, Cocoa and natural bland for people who love the unique taste of turmeric. There have not added any extracts, preservatives or additives in their formulation

Key Motivations and Challenge

Turmeric has been a very important ingredient of Indian Ayurveda which dates back to 2500 BC. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science for natural healing and has been practiced for generations.

Chamoli, a district in the central Himalayas, in Uttarakhand has been an abode for many rare herbs. Turmeric is one of them. People in the villages in this district are alienated from technology hence they have devised their own way of living. They rely on various medicinal herbs to cure them of any ailments ranging from mild fever to critical conditions.

Ankit belongs to Uttarakhand. Living in Delhi he could experience the stark difference between the qualities of a healthy life. This difference grew with time and became quite evident. Then he decided to bring that rural lifestyle to our technology-enabled yet unhealthy friends in an urban city.

While living in cities we have never realized that most vegetables and fruits are modified versions of their original self. The climate, soil, and water amplify the growth of vegetables so much that we might mistake them for food on steroids.

In today’s busy lifestyle, not taking a proper meal or not eating timely has become a tradition that 90% of our practice. Resultant, despite being a medically advanced society we are still failing to save our people from these diseases and untimely deaths. 

Prevention is better than cure and this need for prevention leads them to innovate a product that will escort our society towards a healthy lifestyle.