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A special tribute to SMIT SAGAR, (chef who celebrates passion for health). Meet our “HALDIVITA” health Chef “Smit Sagar”, a man who is passionate about Health, wellness & and Food. He is intense, he loves fun and he is stunning. Cooking gives him a canvas to be creative.

Amit sagar awards

Chef who made HALDIVITA possible

The journey of Haldivita would have been incomplete without him.
There is much more to knowing all the chopping techniques. His special traits and experiences have transformed him into a great chef.

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“Nutrition is the only remedy for healing of body, mind and soul. Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are” are the inspiring words from our celebrity Nutritionist Priyam Mohan.
She keenly advocates and supports HALDIVITA products because of the nutritional edge these products provide to the consumers.


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A traveler who never hits a pause button. Nick Patel an inspirational traveler who loves stretching his arms to touch and feel his dreams, a man who embraces strength, energy and vigor. His vibrancy is unmatched; his vigor is captivating and his passion to travel is enchanting. He follows the creed of Matsuo Basho “The journey itself is my home”. We at Haldivita identify ourselves with the inspirational INNER STRENGTH of Nick and love to keep him company whenever he picks up his bags.

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NICK PATEL haldivita


Shahbaz Lakdwala is a significant and celebrated youth icon on Instagram. He motivates hundreds and thousands of his followers and never ceases to inspire them. They align with his dreams, hope and aspiration.

Shahbaz believes that being fit is an effective way to harmonize the joy of living in a fit and healthy body. Regular practice of healthy regime with proper food habits can give more flexibility, more stability and a complex, effective and multi-dimensional physical and mental wellness. His chiseled contours are a reflection of his deep conviction and perseverance.

As a fitness promoter and fashion stylist, he walked the talk by following and reviewing various vitamins and supplements available in the market. He stands by the ideals of HALDIVITA and strongly advocates consumption of the same.

“The natural harmonious blend of Haldivita ingredients is exactly what I need for my nourishment. Just 2 teaspoons is enough to keep my immune system active. Haldivita is a product which has only natural ingredients, without any preservatives or chemicals”.