Educate the readers about the impact their donation would make.

Autobiography of a farmer’s child imagining how this donation would change his life:

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It’s winter again. Living in a village situated in the foothills of the Himalayas calls for chilly breeze, thick fog and extreme weather conditions. It’s almost 1.5 years of living in a pandemic, my parents say they’ve never seen such a crisis before. I have seen my parents face transform from worry frown forehead lines to a hopeful gleam in their eyes. My father says since the day Haldivita Foundation has stepped into their lives, he feels like the village is adopted and is being cared for. This year, just like last year we have clothes to keep us warm, enough food to keep our bellies full, and farming work to keep ourselves busy and productive. This is all because my father says some people generously came forward to help us. I asked my father who these people are, and every time he answered with a smile on his face. He says, in this world there are some kind people who love and invest in your life. They come forward and try innovative ways to connect with others who build a chain of generosity. I do not understand this, but I get the part that love is feeding me and keeping me warm. As for my parents, love is making farming possible for them.

One day I overheard my parents talk about how much their lives have changed since the Haldivita Foundation came into the picture. My father went on to say that the crops are now healthier because of the quality of the seeds. And the new storage facilities kept the rodents away. They further discussed how it’s benefiting the entire village by being environmentally and economically sustainable. My mother was very happy with the value we received for our crops in the market. She was saying she is now less worried about our healthcare, sanitation and education facilities. I remember they used to quarrel a lot whenever they used to discuss household income, it was never enough. Nonetheless, they made sure I was fed although they had to sleep on an empty stomach. But now there’s love and peace at home.

There’s a small TV in my neighbours house, once I saw a movie where kids go to school. And I quietly wished that I wanted to learn cool things about science too. Well since the pandemic, all I have done is play and help my parents in the fields. But my mother always tells me that God listens to the prayers of little children. I think God really heard my prayers. My father recently got a smartphone, and I have heard from my other friends that learning science and attending school is possible from this small device, but I am yet to explore that.

This imaginary article could turn into reality only if you decide to donate today. No matter how small your donation is. It is enough for a day’s meal, or a week’s internet connection for childrens’ education. Or even enough for the accessibility of COVID vaccine for at least one family in this village. 

They feed us. It’s time we feed them.

They protect our environment. It’s time we protect them.

It’s time we become the answer to their prayers by one small act: DONATION.

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