A business which does not support a social cause is a bunny without a hop. Lifeless and mocking!!

We at Haldivita nag ourselves constantly not to forget this. Ventures are an excellent reminder that we are all about others and we have to serve without obligation. Business is all about restoring, harmonizing balancing and energizing our soul and spirit. Haldivita has been a passionate journey seeking spiritual maturity at every step and every moment. We passionately believe that lives matter, lives inspire and lives awaken us.

Every sale of Haldivita product inspires and supports a farmer in Uttarakhand and touches their life with warmth. Trust me; life is difficult for the farmers in Uttarakhand. We know because we have walked their way to touch their lives. It is depressing to check their struggle, and see them withering every day. Our venture is a small step to provide them with a better life.

 “The benefit of pilgrimage and meditation to holy places is not because of their rich history, but for the fact that divine blessing can be experienced when visiting them. Their very soil is impregnated with a higher consciousness”. –Swami Kriyananda

Universal life energy flowing in the hills of Himalayas is captured brilliantly by these simple folks in whatever they grow and the healing impact of the agricultural produce is inspirational. The Himalayas have always been considered as mountains ensouled in divinity, where Rishis are constantly immersed in meditation. This is evident in Flora and Fauna of this sacred land. Higher plants have played key roles in the lives of people living in the Himalaya for both food and medicine. Numerous wild and cultivated plants have been utilized as curative agents since ancient times, and medicinal plants have gained importance as herbal medicines. All natural Himalayan turmeric power is organically grown in Uttarakhand. This turmeric is very famous for its medicinal quality with very good Curcumin content. 100 families have been inspired to grow turmeric for us which forms the main component of our products. 

Patronage of our 10,000 + customers, 8 dealers and 800 retail outlets is important to support the ecology of the region and spread a smile in heartland of this mountainous stretch. No venture or passion can be alive without a cause and a commitment. 

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