Turmeric benefits health in several ways and it is considered a magical herb in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  It has been used for centuries in traditional homes not only for cooking but also as a potent cure against viral infections. 

You must have also heard of very popular “GOLDEN MILK” which is a unique mixture of natural turmeric and other herbs like ginger, pepper and more. It has proven health benefits such as improving immunity, curing a common cold & flu and overall health. Read our other blog here-  7 amazing health benefits of turmeric 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the anti-viral properties of turmeric?

The recent outbreak of the deadly Corona virus (Covid-19) has killed thousands of people and impacted global economies.  Although, there is no proper cure or immediate vaccination available to stop the outbreak, there are preventive measures that can boost your immunity and strengthen your body’s defense mechanism to fight against such viral infections. Turmeric is one such herb which is widely used for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. 

Health benefits of Turmeric for viral infection

With its incredible list of healing properties- anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant and antioxidant properties turmeric is no doubt a “Magical Herb”.  As a cherished cousin of ginger, turmeric is a root that is widely used in day to day cooking as well in Ayurvedic medicines.  

Turmeric is known to boost your immune response and help you better fight common viral diseases such as flu and colds. The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin can play an important role in delaying many brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and age-related reductions in blood pressure and heart rate.

It is no wonder that people have been using turmeric for thousands of years to treat various diseases. While the main active ingredient ‘curcumin’ has an anti-inflammatory effect, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system and the body’s ability to ward off disease.

What research studies say about turmeric benefits to health with focus on its anti-viral properties?

There are many things to enjoy and appreciate about the plant-based on turmeric. Let’s start with the fact that it can spice up a good meal beautifully and also offer health benefits that will practically make it into your medicine cabinet. Its remedies include suppressing viruses that attack the body, from flu to hepatitis and herpes simplex.

Global research studies have found interesting benefits of Turmeric.

So how does turmeric benefits to health by acting against viral infections?

A study published in the 2003 edition of the Italian Journal of Biochemistry found that curcumin activates a gene that encodes an antioxidant protein that can protect against damage from viral infections. It also activates the hemoxygenase-1 gene, which produces bilirubin, a powerful antioxidant, in both the hippocampus and the brain.

Researchers suggest that it is these traits that could make it helpful for people with viral disease. New research suggests that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, also has a positive effect on the body’s immune system and brain.

Also, a study published in the journal Virology in 2008 investigated the possibility that curcumin suppresses gene expression during infection with the herpes virus. It was found to affect the immediate-early (IE) gene promoter mediated by the viral transactivator protein VP-16. In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study listing curcumin, as a useful natural antiviral.

A combination of Ginger and turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that could help relieve pain and protect against disease. A study of 120 people found that taking 1-2 grams of turmeric extract per day for three months effectively reduced inflammation and the production of inflammatory cytokines, molecules that play a key role in the inflammatory process [32]. A review of other studies also found that supplementing with turmeric could reduce the number of inflammatory markers used to measure inflammation in the body

The studies are still going on to accurately predict the mechanism of its action and overall effectiveness, but it appears that turmeric can reduce pain associated with inflammation and directly inhibit oxidative stress in the body. The unique medicinal properties of curcumin have been demonstrated.

How do you incorporate turmeric into your diet? 

Well, it’s super easy.

Mix a spoonful of turmeric with a glass of warm water, lemon, little pepper, honey, and ginger and drink it empty stomach in the morning.

Even better you can try HaldiVita, which is a proprietary diet mix made with rare Himalayan Suvarna turmeric with more than 8% of curcumin. It is an instant mix that you can consume on the go with your favorite smoothie or curry. This mix has several ingredients that help in proper absorption of curcumin in the body to get maximum benefits of turmeric. 

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