HaldiVita – Great Taste and a Health Booster

“Fortune favors the brave” is a famous saying. It implies that people who confront obstacles with audacity can achieve considerable success in life. An individual who is petrified of venturing into the risky environment can do no great deed. Such is the story of both the co-founders who with different backgrounds ventured into unchartered territories. Sameer Gupta is a Chartered Accountant, has worked with various Indian and overseas companies at CXO positions, whereas Ankit Khanduri is a BE from a reputable Engineering college, who ventured into agri-products out of sheer passion. 

To fight the health issues being faced globally both these entrepreneurs decided to come together and find a solution to help people prevent chronic health problems such as Obesity, H/L Blood pressure, Arthritis, Diabetes, Dementia, Depression, Brain Health and Cancer, etc. thus the idea of starting a product HaldiVita came into existence. 

In the early days, the co-founders visited deep heaven of the Garhwal region in Uttrakhand, Chamoli. It is known that the villagers don’t have access to major hospitals nearby however; they do not consult a doctor either until it’s a severe condition. After thorough research, they found, most of their health issues are cured by native grown spice ‘Suvarna Haldi’. Later, with more research, they realized that this turmeric has a high percentage of Curcumin, a magical biological compound that gives turmeric its magical anti-inflammatory and irreplaceable antioxidant properties. They met with the founder of NGO (Agaas). This NGO was aggregating farmers in the Chamoli district and was supporting them to grow Suvarna Haldi, the magical spice. This turmeric has Curcumin up to 8.7% (backed by ICAR report).

Later, it came to their attention that curcumin is not bio-soluble. It has to be mixed with other ingredients to make it so. The co-founders researched Suvarna turmeric and also had a dialogue with some of the well known Ayurveda doctors to understand the benefits of turmeric. Both the co-founders were very excited with what they heard and saw and on their return to Delhi, they prepared their own formulation with the help of doctors and people who have knowledge of Ayurveda. They adopted this product in their daily meals and within a short period, they observed a positive impact.

Haldivita is a mixed base of eleven healthy ingredients including Suvarna turmeric (Haldi). It can be consumed with milk or can be added to other food items such as idli batter, upma, poha, rice or even in flour. Since this product is curated cautiously to boost the effect of Curcumin that makes it a significant health supplement for your body.

There are approximately 30 types of turmeric found on earth out of which Suvarna Haldi is one of a kind, found in the valleys of Himalaya, with up to 8.7% of Curcumin. A mature blend of ancestors’ theories and modern science, HaldiVita was born. The co-founders compared Haldivita to other Malt products available in the market. They found that most of the products available in the market contained a very high content of sugar and preservatives which was impacting people’s health in a very negative way. They were convinced that Haldivita has substantial health benefits and if consumed regularly it can help them to get a stronger metabolism and healthier immune system. The benefits of Curcumin are as follows:

  1. Overall Health Booster
  2. Fights Depression
  3. Helps in gut management
  4. Boost Brain Health
  5. Help Against Heart Diseases
  6. Delays Ageing & Fights Arthritis
  7. Help Prevent and Perhaps Even Treat Cancer etc.

Before introducing the product in the market they ensured that the taste is loved by all, whether it is for adults or kids. That’s why they introduced 3 flavors Elachi Pista, Cocoa and natural bland for people who love the unique taste of turmeric. There have not added any extracts, preservatives or additives in their formulation

Key Motivations and Challenge

Turmeric has been a very important ingredient of Indian Ayurveda which dates back to 2500 BC. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science for natural healing and has been practiced for generations.

Chamoli, a district in the central Himalayas, in Uttarakhand has been an abode for many rare herbs. Turmeric is one of them. People in the villages in this district are alienated from technology hence they have devised their own way of living. They rely on various medicinal herbs to cure them of any ailments ranging from mild fever to critical conditions.

Ankit belongs to Uttarakhand. Living in Delhi he could experience the stark difference between the qualities of a healthy life. This difference grew with time and became quite evident. Then he decided to bring that rural lifestyle to our technology-enabled yet unhealthy friends in an urban city.

While living in cities we have never realized that most vegetables and fruits are modified versions of their original self. The climate, soil, and water amplify the growth of vegetables so much that we might mistake them for food on steroids.

In today’s busy lifestyle, not taking a proper meal or not eating timely has become a tradition that 90% of our practice. Resultant, despite being a medically advanced society we are still failing to save our people from these diseases and untimely deaths. 

Prevention is better than cure and this need for prevention leads them to innovate a product that will escort our society towards a healthy lifestyle.